NT1330 Unit 3: Network Operating System Directory Services

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Evaluate the value of typical services available from network operating system directory services. File Manipulation Share Files By sharing files, users can share them to other users online by using software such as Dropbox. The files shared online will then be able to be viewed from the person who received the files on the online Cloud. To share files physically USB’s or other external devices are used. Share Folders Sharing folders are shared similarly to files and can be shared the same way such as Dropbox. Folders can contain a lot of files inside of it, saving time instead of sharing single files only. File/Folder Control Users can change their files and folders names and icons and can also edit and delete the files inside the folders.…show more content…
File transfer means transferring files to other networks and contain protocols when transferring the files. One protocol of file transfer is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and is a fast and efficient way to transfer a huge amount of data online across the internet. Although FTP is an advantage it is also not built for it to be secure. DNS Services DNS (Domain Name System) translates IP addresses into domain names. The reason for this is because the names are easier to remember than the IP address. Telnet Telnet is a program which allows users to log into a Unix computer by using a text based interface. Telnet allows access of certain resources on the system such as email and FTP files. Telnet can only be accessed by Unix commands which requires learning on how to use. SSL SSL allows computers to communicate and talk to each other securely by encrypting all the data shared between the computers. The servers receiving the encrypted data will only be able to read it as a third party information would not be able to. Remote Desktop Remote desktop makes it possible to view another computers desktop on the user’s desktop. This is done to view the other persons desktop and share files and folders from one desktop to
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