Nt1330 Unit 1 Case Study

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1) Identify a client population criteria for your system demonstration (be very specific... e.g. not novices, but novices at email who are unfamiliar with any email client). There are 3 different client populations including a) Beginners b) Experts c) Intermediate. a) Beginners: Beginner users are the new users to the handheld devices although they don’t know how to use a device, or how to communicate others through smart phone or to chat with someone or make a call. They are totally new, they didn’t aware of any smart phone application. However when we give our system (device) they get a lot of trouble using the interface of the blackberry which includes the functionality of keyboard. Beginners had the most trouble to unlock the phone because…show more content…
However some experts are used to android or apple interface some experts never use gesture-based interface. In gesture-based interface every navigation and control keys could be fined by swiping the screen in specific ways. Although the experts took less time to cover the features of the new smart phone (blackberry). c) Intermediate: Intermediate are the users who used the smart phones but they never experience the dual screen system in the smart phones. However the users get the new features in the smart phone by using the blackberry device. When the blackberry device gives to the intermediate users they find some issues but they get into the functionality of the phone after 7 minutes. 2) Identify what the problem is with any existing system interface (only choose one thing, and be specific again... not just 'it is confusing'). However there are many problems in the existing system interface (BlackBerry): 1) Phone screen freezing: It freezes when in use it might go for several minutes, especially when browsing. There have been few reports from people about their Blackberry phones randomly freezing. Sometimes it seems to be related to syncing or BBM, for others, the keyboard is freezing

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