Nt1310 Unit 9 Final Project

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Project Goals Medical Health Services, Inc. is a non-profit health company that has 13 locations throughout West Alabama, with the advent to the health care laws and system requirements Whatley is severely behind the technology infrastructure needed to support a company of this size moving into the future as a result Medical Health will require a complete network overhaul, when complete this upgrade will allow for Medical to grow and expand the network as needed and make management of the network more simplified. Network Assessment Currently Medical Health operates a WAN network thru a VPN tunnel connection between all thirteen sites, it has two servers that are located at what is called the main site or headquarters that is their heartbeat,…show more content…
To upgrade the wireless, it would be more beneficial to Medical center with the use of so many wireless devices that a reliable wireless network critical to the success of Main Center also, to having a wireless controller located at the main location that would control a access points across the 13 location, this would allow for the ease of changing Wireless Network access password and better wireless network control. Server upgrades are needed to not only help with the network flow but to also help with disaster recovery, upgrading to VMware virtualization would allow for sever upgrade to take place without having to buy a tremendous amount of hardware, by virtualizing the servers and adding the needed storage will allow Medical Center to be more responsive to growth without a huge cost. The upgrades above would allow for the Medical Health to move forward with their growth and also the new health care implementation of the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and leave space or the opportunity to transition or adapt to industry changes. Current cost versus Future
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