NT1310 Unit 6 Study Guide: Healthcare Terminology

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1. Duty to treat: healthcare professionals must follow the policy to give treatment to the patient no matter the patient is in time of crisis or could not afford to pay. 2. Infant mortality rate: the number of death of an infant in a year per 1,000 live birth in the same year. 3. Life expectancy rates: the total number of years a person born in the same country is expected to live when the mortality rate continues to apply. For example: the life expectancy rates in Japan is 83-year-old overall of a Japanese population. 4. Charitable care or bad debt: hospital or clinic provide low medical care to low income patients and it works like a discount or assistance program. For example: JPS hospitals have JPS connection program that assist low…show more content…
Outpatient care centers: medical service that does not require patient to stay overnight at the hospital to get the treatment. For example: regular checkups or visits to clinics. 7. Professional associations: the organization that promote the high standards of professional practice and improving the health of society by improving the people in the profession. 8. Residential care facilities: A non-medical community-based building that provide the care includes meals, medication supervision, activities, and transportation to those who can no longer care for themselves. 9. Hazard Communication Standard (HCS): Ensure the safety of all employee by identity the chemicals that the employee exposed in the workplace. It is the employee rights to know the chemicals and the hazards in the workplace. 10. National Network on Aging: It is a government organization that provide the assistance services to older population in the nation. 11. U.S. Public Health Service Corps: it is a government services that consist commissioned officers who are there to protect and promote the health and safety of the Nation. 12. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR): it is a main communication services for reporting public health information between the state health department and
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