Nt1310 Unit 6 Lab

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1. PPFD does not tell you how much heating effect the solar radiation has. Rather PPFD tells you the intensity of light through the number of photos in the visible light spectrum. However it would be possible to infer the effect of heat due to how a quantum sensor works. A quantum sensor works through the absorption of radiation and its conversion to heat. Other methods are available for measuring the heating effect of light that would be more direct than this conversion. 2. Air temperature should be measured out of the direct sun. If you were to take air temperature in the direct sun you would receive an inaccurate reading. For example if you were stationed at a research center in the artic temperatures are well below freezing. However if the sun were to directly strike a thermometer…show more content…
Speed and velocity are often used interchangeably in every day conversations; however, they have different meanings in scientific realms. Wind speed is the measurement of direct speed of a given gust of wind. While wind velocity is the speed of wind plus its direction, and requires both aspects in order to calculate its velocity. 4. Wind direction should be recorded in the direction from which the wind comes from. Therefore cardinal directions (North, South, East,West) or directional degrees (azimuth degrees) can be used. 5. Absolute humidity is the actual amount of water vapor that is saturating the air and can be calculated by the mass of water vapor divided by the mass of the air in the given area. Whereas relative humidity is the amount of water vapor in an area compared to how much water vapor could be in the area. Relative humidity is the ratio of absolute humidity and potential water saturation. 6. As mentioned previously the absolute humidity is the amount of water vapor divided by the amount of dry air in a volume of air at a given temperature. Therefore, the hotter the air the more water vapor it can hold. Conversely the cooler the air is the less water vapor it can
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