Nt1310 Unit 4 Lab Report

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Jessica Malcomb Lab 4 Pre-Lab Questions 1. Draw a map of blood traveling through the closed system of the circulatory system starting with the right atrium. Right Atrium Tricuspid Valve Right VentriclePulmonary Artery LungsPulmonary VeinLeft AtriumBicuspid ValveLeft Ventricle AortaBody 2. What are the main resistance vessels of the circulatory system? How are they controlled? The main resistance vessels of the circulatory system are veins, arteries, and lymph. They are controlled by the autonomic nervous system. Experiment 1: Post-Lab Questions 1. Label each of the items in the following slide pictures based on your observations. A. Tunica Adventia B. Tunica Intima C. Tunica Media D. Lipids E. Tunica Intima F. Tunica Adventia…show more content…
What is systolic pressure? Diastolic pressure? Systolic Pressure is when the ventricles contract Diastolic Pressure is when the ventricles relax 2. Why is pressure a sensible reading to measure circulatory health? Because it is a way of knowing the pressure that the blood is putting on the walls of arteries and veins. 3. Explain the “lub-dub” sounds of the heartbeat. It is the sound that occurs when the valves in the heart opens and closes. The lub sound is heard when the bicuspid valve closes and blood is in the ventricle. The dub sound is heard when the aortic and pulmonary valve shut. 4. Why do blood pressure and heart rate change after exercise? Because as you exercise the cells in your body will need more oxygen. So therefore, the heart will pump harder to get more oxygen 5. How might the results in Table 2 change if someone else preformed the activities? Why? It could be different if you were to get someone who was in great physical shape because over time exercise will help to decrease the resting hearts rate. 6. Why is it important for blood to flow in only one direction? Because the heart has valves that prevents backflow. Also oxygen rich blood can’t mix with oxygen poor blood and the force of blood continues to push blood in the direction it should be
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