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Technical Disscusion POP3 IMAP POP3 POP3 stands for post office protocol and it is one of the most commonly used methods for mail retrieval on the internet today. POP3 allows people to retrieve their emails from the server using port 110 and store them locally on their PC. Process the transfer of email messages from the server to an email client. The POP retrieval process goes like this when you click on the receive option in your email client it will connect to your remote email server. POP3 will then retrieve all mail and store it locally as new mail and it will delete those mails from the server. The only exception to this is if the email client is configured to keep mail on the server in which case the client will just disconnect. POP is …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that pop3 has limits because once the mail is downloaded you can’t read it from anywhere else. people prefer to use imap.
  • Illustrates how pop3 works by sending an email to a mail server through smtp, then passing data over the network again. when bob downloads the file, he cannot access it from the single client.
  • Explains that imap is used for email retrieval purposes. it connects your mailbox server using port 143 and an email client.
  • Explains that imap is like a two-way street. messages go from server to client and back to server so that it can be synchronized with other computers.
  • Opines that it's a flexible, more reliable and more complete email retrieval method compared to pop.
  • Explains that imap is the preferred email choice over pop3 because many users need to have the ability to access their emails from anywhere at any time.
  • Explains that smtp stands for simple mail transfer protocol and it is the language used for mail servers to communicate with each other.
  • Explains that outmail is an smtp smarthost and relay service that makes sending emails hassle-free regardless of your device or application.
  • Explains that smtp servers are text-only servers with their own command prompt. to communicate with the server, you must know simple, 1 – 2 word commands like the helo command.
  • Explains how a message goes through several points, including the sender workstation, the email storage, and the smtp server.
  • Explains that if lucy and betty have different email domains, the smtp server will ask her dns server to give exact location or ip address.
  • Explains that most machines that the smtp server is on use a program called sendmail to do the actual sending. it will try to resend the message every so often.
  • Explains that pop3 stands for post office protocol and is one of the most commonly used methods for mail retrieval on the internet today.
  • Explains that pop will download emails without leaving copies of them on the server. mail is stored locally and is always accessible even without an internet connection.
  • Explains that since there is no remote server copy if data is lost from the location where the email is downloaded, no email recovery option will be available.

Outmail works for any location and any internet service provider. You only need to set it up once and you can use it for all of your accounts from any internet connection. SMTP Server SMTP Servers are text only servers with their own command prompt. In order to communicate with the SMTP server you must know SMTP commands. These commands are very simple and are usually 1 – 2 word commands like the HELO command which allows you to introduce yourself. How it all …show more content…

The first point being the sender workstation which is just your own computer where your mail client is installed. This is also the start point. Once you press the send button this is where you message is coming from. The message then goes through an SMTP server all emails must go through an SMTP server if not multiple SMTP servers. SMTP servers are also referred to as mail servers and email servers. The next place it will go is the email message storage which is the place your email will go after you send it and it is delivered. The message sits in the email storage waiting for the recipient to open it form their Receiver workstation. Here is a real world example of how the mail protocols and server works. Lucy is sitting at here computer and she wants to tell her friend Betty how much fun the party was last night, and she wants to invite Betty to another one. After Lucy sends the message the message will go to Lucy’s SMTP server which every user has even if you use free email application such as Gmail or Outlook. The SMTP server will then look at the message headers, examine the destination and will try to find the address of another SMTP server that is responsible for holding messages for Betty. Now if both Lucy and Betty have emails on the same domain such as both have gmail accounts there will be no need for the SMTP server to search for another SMTP server. The email will be

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