Nt1310 Unit 3 Network Attack

comparative Essay
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1019 words

This report will be discussing the current network attacks/threats that have happened since 2013. The attacks/threats that this report will look at are: the Sony PlayStation Network attack and the Ashley Madison attack. The report will also look at what types of attacks they were, who was responsible for the attacks, when did the attacks occur, what damage did it do to the networks, how did the attackers do it, who got affected by these attacks, what were the implications for these attacks and why did the attackers attack these networks. It will also compare and look at both of the attacks/threats similarities and differences.
Sony PlayStation Network Attack
The attack/threat on the Sony PlayStation network was a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) as it caused the servers to go down, …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the report will discuss the current network attacks/threats that have happened since 2013. the sony playstation network attack and ashley madison attack will also be discussed.
  • Explains that the attack on sony's playstation network was a ddos (distributed denial of service). the lizard squad took down the psn in december and again in august of 2014.
  • Explains that lizard squad and anonymous were responsible for the attacks in december and august. they could be arrested by the fbi for trying to take down a big networking company.
  • Explains that the ashley madison attack was a backdoor because the impact team could have used this door to gain access to the databases. the website's promise to delete data about their customers was wrong.
  • Explains that the impact team was responsible for the attack, but no one knows the exact identity of the hacker/hackers who took this information.
  • Compares the 2011 psn attack with the ashley madison attack in that both websites had their customer's personal information taken by the hackers/attackers. the impact group used a back door while the lizard squad only ddosed.

This attack happened on 15th of July. The attack on the Ashley Madison website targeted the database which had the users who used the website and they stole the information of all the users and released all the information to the public and then the attackers dumped all the data onto a basic server which only gave out web and text data. One reason why the attacker hacked the website was because the website’s promise to delete data about their customers was wrong because the website asked for a fee of twelve pounds. However when the customers used their cards to pay that fee the website will keep their card information, address and real/birth name even though the customer would want that removed as well. Another reason was to focus on the customers and blame them for their deceit to their spouses because the attackers requested that they take the website offline otherwise they would release the customer data to the

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