Nt1310 Unit 1 Case Study

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Comments: You asked that I look at the various choices of RAID to expand and improve storage on the server. Below I have listed some of the RAID storage that we will possibly be using in the future, along with their strength, and weakness. I also included on whether to use a hardware RAID or a software RAID. • RAID 0 data are split into blocks that are written across all the drive. It uses multiple (2) disk at the same time. It also provides excellent read and write performance. All the storage capacity is used. However, it is not fault-tolerance. If one drive fails, all data are lost. This should not be used for critical data. • Raid 1 has data stored twice by writing them to both data and mirror drive. If one drive fails, the user can use…show more content…
It can read data fast but the write data are much slower. If the one drive fail, access to the other data are still accessible. It can be swapped out and have it rebuilt. But when restoring data, it can take up to a day or longer. If one disk it to fail during the restoring point, all data in the drive will be lost forever. • RAID 6 is almost like RAID 5. It requires 4 drives. Its read data are fast but it writes data are slower. RAID 6 is much more secure than RAID 5. It is considered one of the better choices due to its efficient storage and security. Hardware and software are two completely different things. Hardware is a physical device, something that one can touch and see. Whereas software is a program like adobe, or word within the computer. We cannot touch it. Hardware RAID handles it independently whereas Software RAID has it on a kernel disk. Hardware RAID devices connects to an SCSI controller and handles the drives communication. Users can plug the drive into the controller and add them to the configuration. Software RAID may be a cheaper way to go and has more of an option when diagnosing and fixing a problem. It is easier to update rather than a hardware RAID. Hardware RAID’s firmware has very little support and there are chances that it can corrupt

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