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I. Supporting element # 1: A. Topic sentence. The school has an important role to develop a critical and conscientious the individual as a citizen. B. Quote. “Individuals — as citizens of their communities, their nations, and the world—(to be) empowered as agents of positive social change for a more democratic world” (Wendler, 2014). C. The quote above is a support that for a country to have conscious and participatory citizens in the community, education is a prime to this role, a bridge for the development of critical thinking. D. We can see the example of black people back in the slave time, when some of them began to read and write they took aware of their rights as a citizens, consequently could fight for their freedom. They were the …show more content…

Supporting element #2. A. Topic sentence. Any child may reasonably be expected to succeed in life. B. Quote. "it is doubtful that any child may reasonably be expected to succeed in life if he is denied the opportunity of an education." Carson (2004). C. The quote is above is a support that there is still a percentage of child out of school here in the US, which comes against the 2001 law, "no child is left behind." D. It is a big problem. There is a real need for the children have a right to have an education, this is a prime to succeed in life. But in reality besides having a percentage of a child out of the classroom, the public education is not equal for all neighborhood area. Besides that, this gap interferes with the success in the life of the child. And worsens further in the poorest schools population has the lowest level school on these areas. What aggravates the students transition from school to college. III. Supporting element # 3. A. Topic sentence. it’s more difficult for a government to directly manipulate public opinion. B. Quote. “ Education, it was agreed, would make slaves “uppity” and harder to control...” (Chisman, 2003). C. The quote above supporting the idea of the people without access to an education and illiterate, it is ease to

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that education is a bridge for the development of critical thinking. the school has an important role to develop critical and conscientious citizens.
  • Opines that if every citizen had a teacher who stimulated critical thinking, society would have more people consciences, fairer and less biased.
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