Nt1310 Unit 1

opinion Essay
1023 words
1023 words

Although the organization has already tackled and overcome several significant security failings which have resulted in the exposure of its network infrastructure to various vulnerabilities, as these failings became public it has caused significant damage to the perception and reputation of Advanced Research. As a result there is a clear need to develop, define, and implement an enhanced network topology and infrastructure in order to ensure that all critical functions are protected and that there is no possibility of unauthorized access to the network or any service being obtained. Following an analysis of previous incidents it is apparent that there are several recurring areas which would need to be protected and these should be considered …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that advanced research needs to develop, define, and implement an enhanced network topology and infrastructure to ensure that all critical functions are protected.
  • Explains that intellectual property is considered a serious risk if there is any unauthorized access to the network or associated systems.
  • Argues that the blitz solution is the most effective way of addressing the requirements of advanced research.
  • Opines that blitz is a powerful testimonial to its quality, as it can simulate various degrees of attack behavior to ensure that the network is always protected at an optimal level.

It is also a situation which can be evaluated at no commercial risk to the organization due to the vendor’s provision of test solutions which can be used to ascertain the overall suitability before full deployment would be assumed and the product would then need to be purchased. It would therefore be recommend that an evaluation system be utilized at the earliest opportunity, with a view to implementing a production level solution once the system has been evaluated successfully. Each of these steps would be co-ordinated through Change Control procedures with relevant approval from business units and management respectively to carry out any works outside of scheduled business hours. While a hardware solution of this type would be important in enhancing the overall security of the network, and organization as a whole, it should only form part of the solution which would also need to include an analysis and overview of the remaining systems and devices which would also need to be appraised and evaluated in terms of their respective security. All critical and security patches for operating systems should be installed in a mandatory fashion for example, and there should be consistency in terms of operating systems where possible to reduce the surface area of any potential

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