Nozick's Distribution Of Wealth

The distribution of wealth is a basically the view on wealth, and the various members or groups in a society. Of course, it differs from the distribution of income in that it looks at the distribution of ownership of the assets in a society, rather that the current income of members of that society. Wealth is the amount of liabilities being taken away from the amount of assets. The world always calculates wealth base off ones’ income, but the do relates with a simple factor of expenses. Distribution of wealth can also be a luck factor, it can be based off family income and family inheritance things of that nature. Distribution of wealth is based of the nation, which is controlled by the government in many cases, like when it comes to taxes…show more content…
In addition, Nozick is a classical liberalism, advocates civil liberties and political freedom with representative democracy under the rule of law and emphasizes economic freedom. Now, that is where the problems, when it comes to agreeing with Nozick’s way when it comes to distribution of wealth because I don’t believe in an emphasis on economic freedom. While having the main focus on economic freedom can cause political issues with in the society, and what I mean by political issues is basically government problems. Many people complaining about government support, such as welfare, job assistance, social security, and etc. A society without those things diminish in so many ways, starting with population decline to reduction of property. Another thing that’s crazy is that I do not agree with is that he believes taxation for anything other than protection is unjust. Nozick states, “Not all actual situations are generated in accordance with the two principles of justice in holdings: the principle of justice in acquisition and the principles of justice in transfer.”, which means people only get distribution or benefits of wealth if its by legitimate means. These legitimate means are move by the specific principles. This is one another reason I don’t agree with Mr. Nozick because legitimate means should not determine your distribution of wealth.

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