Nozick: Value And Meaning

Valenzuela 1 Daniel Valenzuela Professor Fairweather December 15, 2013 Philosophy 101 Value and Meaning Nozick’s has a couple ways in defining value and meaning while both are somewhat similar to each other. By defining value, Nozick introduces intrinsic value which states that other kinds of value exist by their relation (Nozick, pg 162). Also, while defining value, there are a couple of different specific characteristics, such as, organic unity, which means ‘unity in diversity’. Nozick defines meaning by stating that meaning cannot be gained with something that is completely worthless (Nozick, pg 167). By having value and meaning accustomed in my life, I can see my growth and development along with having special value with health, family, and friendship. I could make drastic changes in my life to make it more meaningful and to have a much better value. While having a better value and meaningful life, this shows how much happier I can be along my life. Nozick states that when something has intrinsic value, its organic Valenzuela 2 unity is its value (Nozick, pg 164). There can be many different specific characteristics in describing value, but the one that really does is organic unity, this shows a major dimension that controls most of the value. Also, according to Nozick, “...a resultant organic unity depends upon two things, the degree of diversity and the degree of unity to which that diversity is brought” (pg 164). With this said, the different varieties of diversity, the harder it is to bring unity. Also, in order to have a special value in our lives and activities that we cherish, we want the highest degree of organic unity. By describing this, Nozick states, “We want to encompass a diversity of traits and phenomen... ... middle of paper ... ...myself to receive a better outcome. Now, knowing that in order to be successful and achieve happiness, you’re going to have some road bumps and sometimes even fail. However, it’s not about failing, its about how you bounce back to see if you could achieve it again or come back stronger. By having this asset, this teaches me the value and meaning of life. In conclusion, Nozick defines value with organic unity and then states that meaning is the grand scheme of things. Arguments and explanations that Nozick interprets that shows the definition of meaning and value actually makes a lot of sense due to the analogies being used and the understandable way he writes it. All in all, by having a valuable and meaningful life, true happiness will be achieved. Citation Nozick, Robert. The Examined Life: Philosophical Meditations. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1989.
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