Novorealism And Modernism

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I will be discussing the Novorealism movement. The idea to return to the sublime, beauty, and the humanistic ideal of honesty and seriousness in Art is what Novorealism entails. The notion of Novorealism is to get ride of irony in contemporary Art practices, and other negative and sarcastic effects that belittle Art. The founders of Novorealism have developed a manifesto, which I will be examining. Post-Modernist philosophies, as well as art theory and practices based on them, have lost their significance. In their most revolting examples, became an instrument of financial fraud and “official doctrine” of protecting the existing power structure inhibiting the creative development of Art. Realism has emerged as one of the important modes of contemporary artistic expression. Novorealism is a movement of Contemporary Humanistic Realism. It is not encouraging any single particular style or “look”, it is promoting a system of knowledge and practice within a particular set of “human capabilities” as opposite to those that are technologically driven like photorealism, itself a standard part of official “post-modernism.” Novorealism advocates freedom of artistic expression and true diversity within aesthetically pluralist world of contemporary Art affirming the existence and importance of different, even mutually exclusive aesthetic systems. SESSION I: “WHAT” Evolutionary Beauty and Revolutionary Sublime, The Content and Purpose of The Image Novorealism is a “Beauty-Centric” system affirming a concept of Beauty as an integral part of Evolutionary Aesthetics and a key building block in a “source code” of humanity, and thus one of the defining characteristics of us as form. Novorealism affirms, studies, and celebrates the sensu... ... middle of paper ... ...being able to record through the eye, which then becomes an image that is evident of that recording. This differs specifically from photorealism because the camera does not record our perception but records its perception of reality. Novorealism is belief that our perception is the most accurate recording device, because as humanistic individuals, our perception is most important (Lipking 16). Further Examination of Novorealism Novorealism is about developing most current human perception system marked by advanced capabilities in visual evaluation of form, tone and color based on our most current stage in our constantly evolving visual perception. Novorealism is aimed at finding an area of interaction and correlation between both scotopic and photopic systems in a form of mesopic vision, bringing both to a new level of unity and sensory development (Steele 10).

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