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Making books into movies has always been an enormous task for authors and directors. You want the movie to be as much like the book as possible but there are certain things that you can’t transfer from the book onto screen. The Hobbit is one of those rare instances where the book and the movie are quite similar, except for a few Hollywood embellishments to lead into the Lord of the Rings trilogy and to heighten the dramatic impact. Both the movie follows the proper story events and battles in chronological order, has the actors accurately cast, and portrays the scenery and landscape wonderfully. The Hobbit book starts out with Bilbo Baggins’s simple life in Bagend, the movie starts out the same way with just a little backstory about Erebor and the Lonely Mountain to catch everybody up. After that the dwarves all arrive and the movie even has them arriving in the correct order and with most of the original dialogue. Bilbo’s dinner is crashed and completely eaten by the dwarves, who then proceed to sing “That’s What Bilbo Baggins Hates” all while doing the dishes and tidying up. The next day the dwarves are gone and Bilbo runs to join then with the burglar contract and of course they accept him. Events such as the mountain trolls, Lord Elrond and the elves, and capture by the goblins and the escape, flying on the eagles, Beorn’s house, Mirkwood and the forest elves, Laketown, and finally Erebor and it’s recapture from the dragon Smaug all take place in proper order and length. Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins is one of the most accurately cast actors I have ever seen. He shows the sass and courageousness that Bilbo is portrayed with in the book and he just overall looks like a hobbit. Ian Mckellen has played Gandalf for all of th... ... middle of paper ... built and as little CGI is used as possible, making all the sets (not just Mirkwood) wonderfully realistic. Most every time I read a book and then go to see a movie I come out of the theater very angry at the person who casted the audience and whoever changed the storyline because now it’s bullcrap. The Hobbit really didn’t do that, everything was as accurate as I think was possible and it really helped you visualize everything. The fact that there will be three movies to go through the whole book is both a good and bad thing. Details and proper storyline can really be expressed in the three movies but the drawback is that you have to wait a year after every movie get out and I don’t like that. The correct storyline and events, brilliantly casted actors and actresses, and the incredibly accurate scenery all make the Hobbit a truly similar book and movie series.
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