Notes On Human Resource Management

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R0A5-A Human Resource 1) Define Human Resource management: Human resource is the new approach to management within a company, which started in 1980’s. This has replaced the traditional approach of personal management. Human resource is involved in decision making at a strategic level and recognises that employees are the company’s most valuable asset. Human resource also helps with communication between workers and managers to make working environment more efficient and to encourage staff to believe in themselves, putting into place policies and procedures aimed at individuals. Human resource also involves line managers to get proactive when employing new staff within a particular department. 2) Human Resource Management and Personnel Management are used interchangeable by both organisations and academies, Human resources (new approach) differ from Personnel management (traditional approach) in a variety of ways. • Personnel Management is not central to a business but offers welfare services to workers such as hiring and firing workers, training creating policies for all workers not individual one. • Human Resource Management has a strategic management function and is central within a business and looks at the long term aim of its workers. It is seen as central to a business and is involved in making decisions and that workers are its valuable assets. • Personnel Management has a reactive role within a company it acts in accordance to a situation rather than creating or controlling it. Personal management puts policies and procedures into place then passes them over to the managers to implement them. • Human Resource Management has a proactive role within a company and creates and controls any restructuring for the entire c... ... middle of paper ... ... the department to make sure that there is the sufficient number of qualified employees in the correct job role at any given time. • Recruitment is the process of attracting the right kind of person with the skills and knowledge for the job available. • Selection involves choosing the candidate that will most likely fill the job role. The selection is based on ability and performance that the candidate can fulfil the job role and be an asset to the company. • Training and development will be given to those that work within the company and are trained to improve on any areas that need extra training or areas that need more development. An example of this could be someone training as an account handler who wants to develop into an account manager. • Employee welfare is to provide all employees with help and advice and offer any guidance or support if required. •
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