Notes On Human Resource Management

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For BMW the basic purpose of human resource management is to provide needs and requirements of their employees and on the other hand achieve the financial and other goals. Employees training pay and administration can be dealt with the human resource management. It is basically the art of management of people or workforce. Thinking and planning is required for this in order to meet needs of employees and to meet the needs of the company from employees’ perspective. With the help of training program the performance of employees become better. Human resource is given more importance in this type of management system while planning goals and strategies for long term. The skilled employees are generated according to the organizational goals. At the time of panning this thing is considered carefully and clearly. This is the main reason that human resource management is selected for planning and strategies because it can deal with any problems and has many purposes. Main purposes of Human Resource Management The main purpose of HRM is the alignment of goals to the human resource department at the same time keeping in view the organization’s goals. Provision of the skilled personnel is also a purpose of human resource management because in this way costs can be saved. To save the overall organizational costs is another purpose of the HRM with the help of skilled personnel. Using the human talent in the right way is another purpose of the human resource management in order to achieve the long term goals in the right way. The basic aim of a business firm is to clinch financial objectives and this is why the Strategic Human Resource Management is so important. On the other hand, the human resource management is pretty vital because it allow... ... middle of paper ... ...freedom to share their views about everything. It will help the organization to implement a better management plan. Assess the impact of strategic human resource management activities in BMW and evaluate the contribution of strategic human resource management to the achievement of BMW objectives. The way to move current manpower to its desired manpower by an organization is the basic definition of human resource managements. Positive impact of human resource management activities have been observed in BMW like other organizations. In achieving goals these activities have put their handsome share. Organizational growth cycle, employment conditions and environmental uncertainties are some major factors which affect BMW but goals have been achieved by implementation of proper strategic human resource management. Everything is done with proper research and coordination.
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