Notes On Fear Of Love

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Essay #3 Philophobia: fear of love or falling in love. Feelings you get when you’ve been hurt over and over again by multiple people or even someone you truly loved. A feeling you think you will never overcome, no matter how much you grow. For me this was something new, falling for a damaged individual was never in my plan. When I first met my “forever” I was only 13, and here it is 6 years later and “forever” will never exist again. We met as friends, and I never wanted more because our friendship was so rare. It was something I never felt before, and hoped to never feel again. Surprisingly, I decided to take a chance… in hopes that it will be worth it. However, I found out it may have been the worst decision I’ve ever made. When building a relationship, a connection, association, or involvement can be very smooth in the beginning but when the problems come along, you begin to question everything. Now that’s where everything took things for the worst. I remember everything like the event was played over and over, or maybe I was just that damaged. He was so sweet and so kind, which...
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