Not Your Average Monday Night

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I pull into the busy gravel lot and park my truck. I take one last sip of my coffee and get out, shutting the door behind me. Surrounding me are vehicles of all sorts, the majority of them being mini vans, clearly accompanied by children prior to arriving. The sun is already setting against the pastel sky, so I hurry up the cement pathway and cross the final parking lot. To my right the large lawn sits with it's perfectly mowed and manicured green grass awaiting travelers. Ahead of me people of all ages are wandering and scurrying through Grace Community Church's gray events pavilion. Children are playing tag, others are chatting with friends and some adults are last minutely retrieving needed items. The sides of the pavilion are open, allowing a cool breeze to flow between the large stucco pillars lining the building. Beneath the metal roof, the cement floor is a mossy green; the tint was supposed to hide countless coffee stains from Sunday morning spills, but has yet to accomplish just that. I join the rest of the volunteers at the check in tables. It is another night of AWANA, and as more and more children gather in the rectangular pavilion, the excitement level builds. AWANA stands for 'Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed'. It is a Christian program intended to develop spiritually strong children and youth who faithfully follow Jesus Christ (AWANA). The program is implemented world wide by churches, who not only want to reach people involved with the church, but people in the surrounding community. AWANA reaches approximately 2 million children and teenagers every week, with over half being from countries outside of the United States. At Grace Community Church, seventy-five children plus volunteers meet every Monday from six to seven thirty pm. Though the number of participants and volunteers is small compared to others around the world, the group of people

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