Not Knowing-Personal Narrative

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Not Knowing-Personal Narrative

That eventful day started out like every other day summer day. My

cousins, there fathers and I decided to spend a few hours swimming at the

rivers bend not to far from my grandparents’ home. I felt out of place

because I was the only one there with out a father. Watching them interact

with each other, filled me with envy.

It was an eventful day for me because of what was about to happen to

me today. It was something that I dreamed about for a long time. I can

remember many times that I’ve asked my grandmother about my father.

What was he like? Why did he live? She would say “he left to better

himself; make a way for you and he promised to one day return for you”.

We weren’t in the pond for more than 30 minutes, when my

grandmother came calling saying that someone was at the house waiting to

see me. My cousins and I looked at each other as if to say who was at the

house. She said “boy if you don’t get out of that water right now, I’ll come

in there tear you a new butt whole”. One by one my cousins and I came out

of the pond, making sure we don’t stand to close to her because she has the

tendency of grabbing we she is not disobeyed. I asked who was at the

house, she said it was someone for whom I’ve been longing to see.

Something must have came over me because all I do remember was

grabbing my clothes. As I ran along the rivers edge towards the house, I

dawned my shirt and pants.

In the distance I could see the figure of a man standing next to the house

with arms folded in front of him. The closer I got to the house the more

nervous and judgmental I became. I thought to myself what if he turns out

to be someone other than what I mirrored him to be. Tired and out of breath,

I stopped short of this man who was supposed to be my father and uttered

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