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America is a Country based on diversity and immigration of many cultures creating a melting pot people from all over the world living together in freedom. The Asian American ethnic group is also based on diversity and different immigration patterns of different cultures all representing each other under one name Asian American. Asian Americans have a very diverse history and have different subgroups that have different social status. This essay will discuss and analyze the history of and how Asian Americans and subgroups are affected differently by discrimination and prejudices, and have different identities that can lead to different assimilation into American Culture and economy. This essay will discuss this through examining Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, Korean Americans, Filipino and other Southeast Asian Islanders.
Waves of Migration
The Asian American community achieved their status in America in many different ways throughout history; with different reasons for immigrating to America and suffering different challenges and prejudices along the way. There were 2 distinct waves of immigration to the United States from Asian Americans. There was the old Asian wave of immigration that consists of Asians that immigrated from the middle of the Nineteenth Century to the early years of the Twentieth Century. The second wave is Asians that have immigrated to the United States since 1965.
Chinese History The Chinese were the AA first to immigrate to the United States. A series of wars, rebellions, civil disorders, floods, famines and droughts made earning a livelihood in China difficult. Also, China faced a disheartening defeat in the Opium War of 1840 against the British. When news of a gold rush on the west coast of America reached China there was a huge influx of young male peasants immigrating to the United States trying to better themselves economically and then return home to there families. These immigrants started off working construction and on railroads. This was recognized by the white workers as a threat. The Chinese were not only forced out of the there jobs, but there was also legal measures taken to keep the Chinese out of the American workforce; with the Chinese Exclusion Act, passed in 1882 by the U. S. Congress. This was the first time in American History that a specific ethnic group was completely barred from immigrating to America....

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..., Filipino and other Southeast Asian Islanders. Yet they are a threat to the dominant group economically as they overcome fierce discrimination. One of the most common themes in constructing this essay is that Asian Americans are growing as a social and economical force in America and are starting to be recognized for that. They are at the top and bottom of our economy, and come from many different countries with different identities. This diversity is what makes Asian Americans such an interesting and complex minority.

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