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By a flick of a finger a human has been trafficked across the borders of Southern America. Being sold and resold for several times with a minimal wage reaching One dollar sometimes. Kidnapping humans, having control over them, and abusing them, is what human trafficking mainly defines(Avramov, et al., 2013). A trafficked person is being physically and mentally abused. It’s the time were we should fight human trafficking and achieve triumph for a better tomorrow. Selling a human being is deeply unethical, since trafficked people are being constantly abused, violated human rights, and trafficked people are exposed to death. Abraham Lincoln noted that "Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves."

When a person’s soul is being sold into sex industries or even slavery, it’s when we lose our humanity. Statistics show that over 35 million dollars of Columbia’s economy results from human trafficking. Human trafficking causes lifetime trauma, varying from physical to psychological abuse. According to researches, people being trafficked suffer from depression and anxiety due to their unstable psychological state. Furthermore, physical abuse include bruises, broken bones, or even organ trading. Children are more concerned and involved in human trafficking since they are sent into pornography and sex industries, making more money for sellers. Moreover, poverty is the main reason behind human trafficking. When people are hungry, they commit unexpected decisions and actions(Feingold, 2005).

Human Rights mainly highlight the importance of an individual’s freedom and the dignity each person should have. UNHCR is one of the major United Nations associations trying to fight human trafficking(Avramov, et al., 2013). Various h...

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... trafficking should be stopped for the sake of humanity. Being constantly abused is not permitted anymore. Taking no actions against this unethical trade encourages it rather than fighting it. Serious actions must be taken by the government in order to minimize the number of humans trafficked. Abuse, violation of human rights, and death will automatically decline.

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