Not Enough: A Short Story

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Not Enough

Think back on the worst experience you have ever had in your life to date, how was it handled? What could have happened to lessen the stress of the situation? Have any regrets? How would you tell that story? Well I will go ahead and tell you of my story where last year on October 11th, 2014 I lost my best friend Gilbert David Kromer.

First off lets start with a bit of background information, Gil came halfway through our freshman year of high school, his first few days at school were very awkward for him, and would be something he would speak of throughout the rest of his time knowing him. From him walking down the halls silently, to even eating in the bathroom alone his first week it was always something we would be able to
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That’s what made me reach over to check my cell phone as soon as I had woke up. Looking into the extremely bright screen, having my eyes adjusting considering I just woke up I saw well over thirty text messages, and missed calls. They were from every one of my friends all basically stating “Gil is sick, you need to come to Tampa General Hospital immediately” All of the sudden the world in my eyes just stopped, I remembered the only thing I could think or say was “What the hell are you talking about” Then it hit me. I jumped up as fast as a seventeen year old could after just waking up, ran into my closet filled with clothes, and grabbed the first thing I saw and threw it on. I ran out into the living room with tears in my eyes trying to explain to my parents what was going on. Unable to speak because of the thoughts running through my head I was eventually able to say “Gil might not be alive tomorrow” they both looked at me with horrible looks, my stepfather Chris immediately just said “What can we do to help you, and the Kromers’ right now” I responded “Nothing, I will be at the hospital. See you later” Quickly racing towards the door and my car. At this point I checked my phone and called Nick, I said, “Nick has anyone told you what…show more content…
It was tragic just seeing the expressions of sadness, worrisome, and distraught. Everyone shared hugs with one another, and at this point I knew of how serious the situation was. Nick and I were finally catching up on everything that was going on. Nick and I were talking with Bruno; we learned that Gil was in a coma, in the ICU, with Bacterial Meningitis. I looked at Bruno with a face filled with confusion, and just by looking at him I was able to tell that this was life or death. I remembered asking, “Is there anything we can do at this point?” everyone in the room responded “Just pray” at this point there was nothing anyone could do, except the big man upstairs himself. So a group of us decided to go ahead and go downstairs in the hospital to grab some breakfast. It was very cold in the hospital but always smelled of cleaners and felt very unsanitary. We found a Starbucks and decided to stop there. It was Nick, Katie, Kurtis, Maddie, Jack and I who decided to come down and grab something. Let me tell you it was the most depressing time I have ever had at breakfast with friends. It was just the group of us speaking about memories with Gil, and wondering what the future would hold, because at this point we still had hopes of anything happening. After a breakfast that lasted about thirty minutes it was
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