Not Another Teen Movie

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Not another Teen Movie There have always been teen movies that make fun of each other, but Not another Teen Movie tops them. They have parodied so many movies for the humor of each scene that they have made a great movie. The main story line to the movie is set to mimic She’s all that where the popular guy tries to make the ugly unpopular girl into prom queen. In this movie they have used this and many other recognizable scenes from movies like The Breakfast Club, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Cruel Intentions, just to name a few; instead of being straight forward with those scenes they have turned them into something more. Not Another Teen Movie makes fun of how characters, plot, and sexual humor have become a more used formula in today’s teen movies. In Not another Teen Movie their story line is making fun of the characters from She’s All That. In She’s All That the popular guy is dumped by his prom queen girlfriend, which makes his friends come up with the bet that he cannot turn an unpopular girl into the prom queen. They pick the girl they think cannot be turned into prom queen Laney Boggs and Janie Briggs in Not Another Teen Movie, both characters are artists, but Not another Teen Movie has Janie making stick figures instead of well-drawn out people. At first Laney and Janie did not want anything to do with Zack Siler and Jake Wyler; they knew they wanted something because they are popular and never speak to them, but they let their guards down and hang out with them anyway. Not another Teen Movie leads with turning an unpopular girl into prom queen as their main point to the movie with many other movie moments packed in the middle. In Not another Teen Movie they use many scenes from the movie 10 Things I Hate About You, including when Janie’s friend Ricky writes a poem for her saying,
I love it when Janie walks.
I love it when Janie talks.
I love it
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