Not About You

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Every day I am surrounded by people. Lots and lots of people and yet, here I am…preferring to vent out all frustrations, all bottled up emotions on a piece of electronic paper. Ironic, how we sometimes feel so alone in the middle of a crowd. And how a crowd sometimes makes us feel so outside of normal, so outlandish, so belittled, so insecure. You look around and people are just going on with their lives as though nothing is wrong with the world, though nothing is wrong with you. Everyone is putting on a front that is always guarded and devoid of any emotion that would indicate something is wrong, leading you to believe that everything is in fact ok.
This is supposed to be about my own struggles. About my own issues, about my personal monsters. This is supposed to be me droning on and on about how no one ever listens to me. How no one really understood what I feel inside. About me being alone and lonely, screaming silently inside at people “HEY! I AM MISERABLE! NOTICE ME!” This is supposed to be about me.
But then I looked around, this time more closely. And I looked at the people wearing generic facial expression that would garner no concern from others. I chose to vent out all sentiments through words and lots and lots of words only I could read because it’s the only way I know how. The only thing that could get me through this cloud of darkness slowly making its way from my heart to my mind and to my vision, blurring everything else so all I could see is ME.
But realization hit me like raindrops would hit the face of the earth, slowly and sweetly at first… then intensely. I realized that I am not the only person here on earth. Surprise! Surprise! No, I’m not the only person here on earth trapped in this bottomless pit of unwa...

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...some point that will come.
Every person, hides a monster inside of them that are slowly clawing its way from the inside and out, tearing through souls and flesh and appearance.
This is not about me.
This is about realizing that people are connected by love and sometimes by sorrow. This is not about me. This is about acknowledging that you’re lonely, but knowing that you are never truly alone. This is about finding peace and contentment in solitude instead of wallowing in self pity. Sometimes, no one’s gonna be there to pick up the broken pieces and make you all ok. Because we are fighting the same war with ourselves. Times when we are alone are given for a reason. Learn to dance with the waves of life, don’t drown in it instead. Remember that time’s are gonna be tough, times are gonna be painful but the world won’t stop spinning because it’s not always about you. >
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