Not A Word, Not A Sound

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Not A Word, Not A Sound Imagine walking through a forest. Upon walking, you spot a man about to jump into a lake as if there was no tomorrow. You run and open your mouth to shout, “NO! STOP! DON’T JUMP!” But as you desperately try to call out, not a word, not a sound comes out of your mouth. All you hear is the sound of the wind rustling through the trees and almost instantly, the sound of the man’s body penetrating into the water is heard...then nothing but the sound of your own heartbeat beating through the silence. Voice is one of the greatest gifts given to us since birth. And although many of us have the privilege of being blessed with this wonderful gift, there are those who unfortunately don’t posses this gift because either they weren’t born with voice or lost their gift sometime of their lives. Their tragic fate has led them to live a life without a voice, unable to speak or make sound come out of their mouths. They aren’t able to enjoy the amazing power and joy experienced by those blessed with voice. What are these amazing powers and joys, one may ask? The ability to...
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