Not A Boyhood Passion By Mordecai Richler Analysis

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Not a Boyhood Passion 1- Why does the author, Mordecai Richler, turn to books? The author turn to books in order to attract girl. After realizing at thirteen year old that he did not have the standard of the type of boys girls was seduced by. Richler did not let his lack of self-esteem and confidence depress him instead he used the strength of reading he had to develop a character to draw attention to himself. Since he was not tall like a basketball player, he find loophole in reading book he was good at. Is his plan successful? No his plan was not successful because he did not find a girl. At the end of the story Richler recount that after creating all this impressive character, by borrowing books, acquiring a pipe and chewing it pretentiously …show more content…

Richler think fiction is a waste of time. He illustrate it in the story when he respond to two ladies who were trying to interest him with fiction. Richler says “I want fact. I can’t be bothered with stories” It is entertaining, I enjoy movies based on fiction because they are usually short and interesting. Do you agree or disagree with him? I do not agree with Richler opinion when he says fiction is a waste of time. Reading a piece of information or any novel contribute to human being educational enrichment, never a waste of time. Fiction movies are entertaining, I enjoy science fiction movies because they are interesting and mostly because they are short and easy to follow. 3- What is the “Tone” of this essay? The tone of this essay is sarcastic and humorous. The way the author present himself in order to be famous or impressive, turn out being a situation where people was making fun of him. It is illustrated in the text when the author describe the scene where he wanted to impress girls. “I acquired a pipe, which I chewed on ostentatiously ...even at school basketball games, pretending to be absorbed by books of daunting significance.” an example presenting the humoristic tone is when the Richler instead of being seeing as an intellectual people were mocking him. This is illustrated when the author says” The sweetly scented girls of my dreams, wearing lipstick and tight sweaters and nylon ...they would call out , giggly, nudging

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how richler used the strength of reading to develop a character to draw attention to himself.
  • Analyzes how richler created an impressive character by borrowing books, acquiring a pipe, and chewing it pretentiously everywhere, but girls continued to ignore him.
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