Northern Ireland

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Northern Ireland

A world of hate supports many conflicts in modern society. Strings of hatred entangle all walks of life. Oftentimes, the most disheartening part of most ongoing hatred is the fact that the people involved do not even know how it began. Since 1170, nothing but hatred, intolerance, and death has surrounding the culture of Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is a land rich in tradition and pride; the same pride sustains the separation of the Protestants and the Catholics. The Protestants wish to stay loyal to Britain and allow Britain to stay in control of Northern Ireland, while the Catholics want to break free from British rule altogether and start their own free Northern Irish state. The thought of British government in Northern Ireland has been a large determinant of the hostility between the two religious groups. The idea of the two denominations in contention has little to do with actual religious disputes. Much of the conflict has taken a political form. This complexity of a religious battle fought along political lines plays a major role in its perpetuation. One can begin to determine the reasoning behind the violence in Northern Ireland by learning about the history of the region and the conflict between Catholics and Protestants.

There was tension among the religious beliefs in the beginning of the conflict, and some tension still exists today, but little of the strife is in reference to whether the bread and wine of communion is Jesus' body and blood or if it is just symbolic. While some Protestants and Catholics still dispute their beliefs and the proper way to worship God and Jesus Christ, a major part of the dispute exists strictly at the political level. Political tension exists every...

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...flict, it is hard to see peace in the near future. "The DUP is basically the Protestant IRA, but to me the IRA seems ten times more evil then the DUP. That might just be my Protestant roots showing through." It seems that as long as there are groups taking to violence to solve the problems of the region there will never be an agreement and peace in Northern Ireland. While the two main groups of this conflict are classified by religious denominations, very few of the issues today have anything to do with their beliefs in God. They take on a much more political standpoint. "It seems that very few people actual talk about the groups as religious anymore, but while they are political groups now they still have the background of the religion. It reminds us how it all started and how the true separation of beliefs all began."
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