North Korea And Nuclear Weapons

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The derisive and dismissive attitudes of America and the UN regarding North Korea and Kim Jong Un combined with the imprudent beliefs by North Korea that nuclear weapons are the only way to achieve respect and sovereignty are key elements to the nuclear escalation in the region. The ideology differences between a socialist society and a democratic society taking over the after effects of the imperialism conquest of Korea by Japan are underscored in the polarized perceptions of today. After World War II, the region was stabilized between the two ideologies by allowing the US to control South Korea and instill its version of democratic society while China and Russia ruled the North with their society of socialism. (Anderson) US citizens are subjected to newspaper articles belittling North Korea leadership specifically New Yorker’s January 18th 2016 cover which depicts Kim Jung Un as a pudgy child in a sandbox playing with nuclear weapons. Dr. Jeffrey Lewis, a frequently quoted and consulted expert in geopolitics, with emphasis on nuclear nonproliferation was published in the Washington Post saying perceptions were that one of the recent nuclear tests was in response to China’s disrespect of North Korea’s state sponsored female pop group. Then underscores the point with, “What other country has a state-run all-female pop group (Lewis)?” In addition to the Sony Film ridiculing Kim Jun Un, “The Interview”, a computer game called “Glorious Leader” features Kim Jun Un riding a unicorn and combating drones and the US forces (Lu). When respected publications, journalists, and the entertainment industry are dismissive and derisive, the attitude affects the readers who are often government officials as well as the average citizen. The l... ... middle of paper ... ...ntless bombing. It does not require significant imagination to see how a fear of the US, the UN and loss of sovereignty would impact the North Korean populace. The Western world wonders how the North Koreans tolerate the crimes committed against them by their own government, but we overlook the horror that was unleashed on them by the outside world in the 1950’s. The Western world may have moved on from 1950 and feel more enlightened and educated but for many North Koreans, they are trapped in time (Cite) UN sanctions or the economic crisis within North Korea may eventually lead to a change in leadership and the dismantling of nuclear weapons. However, until all parties, particularly the US, take the responsibility to understand the history, the perceptions, and particularly the attitudes of themselves and the North Koreans; the escalation will probably continue.

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