North Carolin Gmos And The Right

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North Carolina: GMOs & the right to know Day by day the people in the state of North Carolina are losing their basic human right to know what they are feeding not only themselves, but their families as well. GMO food products need to be labeled in the state of North Carolina, because people deserve the right to choose what they are purchasing in their local grocery store. The effects of planting crops that are resistant to harsh and potential cancer causing chemicals are still in the early stage of research. Because of this reason a vast majority of not only North Carolinians, but people from around the world are pushing for companies to clearly label if their food products contain GMO ingredients. The first genetically modified plant was introduced in 1983, and since then the United States has become the top producer of GMO crops in the world. Producing over 50% of the worlds GMO crops (Bertheau and Davidson). These new super seeds may be a vital advancement into agriculture, but that is not the argument, it simply is the right for the consumer to know what ingredients are in the food they are feeding to their children. States have begun to gather new information and are pushing fight the FDA, and mandate statewide laws requiring the labeling of GMOs. For instance, Vermont is the first state to begin to implement this new law, and the North Carolina Department of Agriculture should take notes. Since passing the GMO labeling bill big corporations such as General Mills and Mars have decided to label their GMO products nationwide determining it was less costly. Unfortunately, North Carolina has taken two steps backwards and in 2011 when House Bill 446 was presented to the North Carolina Department of Agriculture it was quickly di... ... middle of paper ... of GMOs. The, “Denying Americans the Right to Know – Act” also known as the DARK act has recently been passed by the senate. If this act were to be enforced we would all lose the right to know. Either way the government is going to control either side, the consumer can fight for the right to have a choice, or loose the choice all together (GMO Labeling Bill)? Generally the opposing side is afraid of differing stands are labeling from state to state, and believe the only way to stop states from creating their own standard of labeling is to take away the right all together. Now is the time to stand up to cooperate America, and demand the basic human right to consume food that you trust! We the people of North Carolina need to take action now. It is our responsibility to demand that the North Carolina Department of Agriculture take a second look at House Bill 446.

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