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The English began colonizing North America for economic, social, and religious reasons. In the 1600s, there were many tensions rising in England. There were disputes over land. At the time, there was simply not enough land to sustain the population. During this time, many people were also looking to move up in social status. They were no longer satisfied with where they were. There was also mounting religious conflict during this time. England implemented a nationwide religious policy. Many people disagreed with forcing a religion on people; therefore, they chose to leave England in search for religious freedom. For these reasons, people chose to migrate to North America. In the 1600s, the population of England was growing rapidly. At the same time this was occurring, they began to develop the notion of private property in law and politics. This began to cause shortages of land. This lead to people such as the West Country Men to leave England in search of land. They could achieve this goal because they knew people in …show more content…

This left a lot of single young men with no property and no chance of getting married because they had no land. They saw moving to North America as an opportunity to gain social status and make a name for themselves. Many people sold themselves into indentured servitude. They would serve a set number of years, and when their time was up, they would be set free and would gain a set amount of land. In William Moraley’s book, The Infortunate, Moraley explained how he was not in a favorable trade. People of a favorable trade would “bind themselves for four years; but if I would consent to bind myself for five, he said he would undertake to get me admitted” (Moraley, 16). William Moraley, like many others, sold himself into servitude to make a better life for himself. Because once he finished his contract, he would be set free and given land of his

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  • Explains that the english began colonizing north america for economic, social, and religious reasons. in the 1600s, there were many tensions rising in england.
  • Explains that the west country men left england in search of land because they knew people in parliament and were able to lobby for colonization.
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