Normative Age Graded And Non Normative Life Events

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All development is contextual meaning that development can occur in places like churches, communities, and businesses. Development can also occur within family members, group of friends or with just everyday people. Development can be influenced by three major factors: normative age-graded and normative history-graded influences and non-normative life events. These influences can have either a big or a small impact on both the individual and the individual’s environment.
Normative age-graded influences have biological and environmental factors that occur to a specific age group. Examples of biological factors are being potty trained and starting to vocalize. Examples of environmental factors are starting kindergarten, learning to drive, and high school graduation. A normative age-graded influence that has occurred in my life is obtaining my license. At the age of sixteen I took a Driver’s Ed course and was taught the art of driving. For Pennsylvanian students the course was not required however if the students took the course the cost of our insurance would go down. So I sat through the three-hour course for five days and learned all kinds of things about driving. I learned that driving a car is a weapon and can kill anybody and anything without hesitation, to remain calm in any situation especially accidents, and always place your hands on the steering wheel between ten and two. Driving gave me greater freedom but with that freedom came with a lot of responsibility. For example, I went to the grocery store when my parents needed something and took my brother to the bus, school or to a sports practice. Basically my life had become driving all over God’s green earth. A good outcome for me was not having to pay insurance and not ha...

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...lopment is contextual and can change by big or small impacts just like people can be changed by good or bad influences. As humans we constantly change due to our changing environment. Because of these changes three major factors can have an impact on us: normative age-graded and normative history-graded influences and non-normative life events. These three factors can either have a biological or environmental influences on an individual’s development. A normative age-graded and normative history-graded influence that has occurred in my life was getting my driver’s license at the age of sixteen and experiencing the legalization of same-sex marriage. A non-normative life event that I experienced was getting adopted from Russia at the age of eight. All these influences have impacted my development and my character one way or another and have made me the person I am today
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