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In Norman Wei article about “Managing Environmental Risk”, he first discussed the risks we face in everyday life. As weird as that sounds it is true, we face risks every day. The risk varies from an environmental catastrophe like earthquakes or a car accident on the freeway. Nevertheless, society has taken measures to reduce these undetermined risks. Society has rules and regulations on how fast we can drive in certain areas and warning systems in place to let the public aware of danger. These are all relevant and extremely important procedures, but where is the prevention of risk for our environment? The earth as most people forget is not an unlimited source of free energy. Norman Wei’s article, “Managing Environmental Risks” is intended for…show more content…
It is true most people don’t want to change because of convenience or they are too afraid. Others don’t care what happens to the earth because they won’t be around for it in the future. The importance of life and the protection for the future is important. Our generation will determine the future of this planet and it is up to us to protect it. As he brings up this important topic, he brings up several other important topics and how we should think of different ideas. Wei advises to “think outside the box” (Wei). He furthers his idea as he questions, “What are the risks to the workers when using these chemicals?” (Wei). Then he proposes another question, “What risks do these chemicals pose to the environment if spilled?” (Wei). Posing theses high quality debatable topics of our day in age are…show more content…
As the reader is immovable with his unique and catchy emotional word use, he then placed an unnecessary controversial topic that he should have avoided. After that minor hiccup in his powerful introduction, he uses this build up to bring up several powerful questions about managing environmental risk but they are still very misleading. He talks about risk and how environmental risks should be managed, but it turns out the he was talking about managers of companies looking out for risk in their job to protect companies from losing money. He notes questions they should look out for and how much hazardous wastes should be stored onsite. The author tries to bring these two topics together but confuses readers on exactly what he really means in terms of environmental risk until halfway into the article. Although, Norman Wei brought up great questions, but he did not elaborate enough on certain topics when he mentioned them. He should have provided more detail to why these questions are brought up and how they are relevant. Overall, this article interests the reader from the start with its powerful use of emotion and tone, but quickly comes to a halt. The article should have reached more length and gave more feedback on the topics he presented and the question he left

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