Norman Sartorius's Personal Essay: The Universal Understanding Of Health

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The universal understanding of “Health” has taken the form of which an individual’s physical and cognitive state of well being when it is compared to the majority of the population within the society in which he or she is residing in. Just as Norman Sartorius has mentioned in his article “The Meaning of Health and its Promotion”, a healthy person is often determined by whether or not if he or she is struggling with any medical complication and mental disorder. Sartorius’ claim in which “health” has three definitions that can help regular individuals and professionals identify the state of one’s well being corresponds with my interpretation of what is health like. I believe that health includes the condition of both the body and the mind, be…show more content…
Those who have experienced with cognitive health issues will be able to recognize how an able body with an irregular mindset can hold their lives back right under the surveillance of the people around them. Having been struggling with major depressive disorder for years, I am able to witness the changes that occur within my life and the effect of the absence of “equilibrium” (Sartorius. 662) that an individual needs in order to conciliate with oneself. Through the journey to recovery, I learn that in order to overcome the problem, one must first learn to acknowledge the issue, and explore the different actions that can be taken to treat it with. In the perspective of someone who is aiming to become a healthcare provider, it is a never ending cycle of learning how to better improve the ways to take care of each patient, and most oftenly, the patient’s emotion has great effects on how their diseases can be treated. It is beneficial to view “the disease with the person who has it” (Sartorius. 663) in order for doctors to progress through the treatment, as this method “improve the practice of medicine” and provides a more “realistic” and “humane” (Sartorius. 663) connection between the two parties. Ultimately, both the caregiver and the receiver gains experience from the improved
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