Nordstrom Case Study

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A firm 's competitive advantage is achieved through offering customers a greater value, either by way of lower prices or by providing greater benefits and service that justifies a higher price. Nordstrom strengthens its competitive advantage and generic strategy through cost leadership and differentiation in order to differentiate themselves from other high end retailers. Nordstrom has consistently maintained a unique reputation from their establishment in 1901 to the today. Since developing a strong competitive advantage from inception, Nordstrom has been able to adapt to changing environments and market conditions to maintain their success. Nordstrom has set the bench mark in the retail sector through customer service and product quality. …show more content…

Nordstrom possesses a distinct and reputable image that effectively differentiates them from their competitors. Nordstrom is known throughout the retail sector as the leader in customer service. Nordstrom regards their customers as extended family and treats them as such. In addition, Nordstrom utilizes devoted sales associates for serving customers in an array of fashions. They possess the most liberal return policy that is highly regarded among customers. Also, sales associates will call in orders for merchandize not on hand free of charge. Recently, Nordstrom has …show more content…

Nordstrom’s product offerings are not only of the best quality available, but are also presented in a fashion appealing to customers. The reputation Nordstrom has built in the industry has sustained their success for over a century. Nordstrom’s further expects to enhance their company philosophy in the future by implementing additional differentiation tactics that will continue their market dominance in highly volatile economy. In order to maintain their status in the retail industry, Nordstrom plans to implement additional competitive advantage differentiation strategies. Nordstrom must effectively respond to changes in the retail industry. To further enhance customer service, Nordstrom has focused on direct retailing through their online shopping experience. They strive to offer the most effective multi-channel relationship with their customers by offering the same in store benefits through online and catalog shopping.
Nordstrom is exhausting substantial investment in their online business to reflect their uncanny in-store customer service. In comparison, Nordstrom is also utilizing

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