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The picture was taken by Georges Merillon in 1990 to talk about the Kosovo conflict. The two main subjects in the photo are the husband and the wife. Around are other family members and neighbors who are mourning. The husband, Nashim Elshan (27 years old) was killed because of protesting for Kosovar autonomy.
The wife is in the center of the imagine. The husband, who only has the head visible, even though is the reason for the picture to exist, is not emphasized in the photo. Instead, once a person looks at the picture, he or she is immediately draw into the wife. Her clothes shows that she was a house-wife. Her tape-print is wrapped around her. She must have been cleaning or cooking. Different from others who are wrapping their heads, the wife has her scarf around her hair falling off, which indicates that she has been moving forcefully. Her eyes are closing and her face slightly looked up to the ceiling. It seems like she is asking God for justice why her husband died instantaneously. The reality that her husband has died was too harrowing for her to accept. Her hands are opening u...

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