Nonverbal Communication: The Most Important Forms Of Communication

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Nonverbal communication is one of the most important forms of communication. According to The Leadership Experience, “nonverbal communication is messages transmitted through action and behavior” (Daft, 2015, pg. 278). A person not only needs to be aware of their own nonverbal communication, but also aware of the people they are communicating with. There are numerous varieties of nonverbal communication including; eye contact, facial expressions, tone of voice, appearance, posture/body language. Nonverbal communication “accounts for over one-half of the entire message received in a personal encounter,” according to Daft (2015, pg. 278). It is important for leaders to be aware of nonverbal communication in order to manage others. When a leader can read others through their nonverbal communication, it allows the leader to plan accordingly. The leader may need to make an adjustment to a meeting or redirect the topic of discussion. If the speaker see’s that people are losing interest in the topic of discussion, they can re-adjust the agenda or dismiss the meeting early. A person who is not aware of nonverbal communication will easily lose the attention of their audience. When a person can pay attention to how other people communicate nonverbally, it increases their ability to improve their nonverbal communication…show more content…
93). A person’s tone or volume of voice can say a lot about what they are trying to convey in a conversation. The tone of a person’s voice can affect how the receiver interprets what is being expressed. When the same sentence is said with a different tone, it can sound and mean two separate things. For instance when saying, “I am fine” in a warm tone it portrays you are well, but when stated in a cold tone, it could indicate that you are really not
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