Nonresident Parents and Their Effects on Families

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Nonresident Parent's Involvement and its Effect on the Family Members

Divorce, single parenting, early pregnancy, are just some reasons for a parent not to be present in their families as a matter of fact its been said that almost half of the kids have had lived in a family where one of the parents for many different reasons had been missing. But is it different when parents are involved with their kids? What are the different effects that this causes on them both the kids and the parents?

First, children's discipline is affected by the nonresident parent's situation. If the parents want to have a better control of their kids and if they continue to have contact with their children they may be able to maintain consistent discipline and supervision of their children. If the kid experience visitation from the nonresident parent this increases the possibilities of a positive relation between the parent and the kid, which in the future could turn into a good trusting relation between the children and the parent. This increases the chance that in the future when the child grows up the relation will be better than it would be if the parent was never around. For many kids as they are not living a normal family life they tend to have problems with their behavior for many single mothers and fathers it is a regular problem that their child tends to have problems at school like fighting, demands a lot of attention is disobedient, is stubborn, irritable, restless or overactive (social work). Studies examining the direct effect of conflict on child well-being often do report a negative association between the child behavior and the nonresident parents situation although this is not always 100% certain

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...nt's satisfaction should be taken into account along with the children's well being. The mother's and the father's satisfaction it is not less important than the children well being. But for both parents the most important fact should be the children well-being so that their child will grow up in a healthy normal environment without giving big importance to the fact that one of the parents is missing.

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