Nonmaterial Culture Essay

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Nonmaterial Culture Shared Thoughts, beliefs and values which are recognized by a specific community. Basically, the nonmaterial culture is the construction and the base of society, it provides boundaries among people by which particular groups operate and understand each other. The significance of non material culture is essential to people, in order to shape and identify their own society. Religion a cultural system of behaviors and shared beliefs which play an important role in how society is constructed. People who belong to a specific religion would have their own spiritual practice and activities mostly as a group. The influence of religion has an ultimate mastery, which would affect both macro or micro levels in terms of harmony and unity. The impact of religion tends to deduct the cooperative success vs persecution and suffering of the nations. Religion & nonmaterial culture…show more content…
Having faith and waking up everyday believing on something is grace. Religion has a bright advantages for either small scale or large, it could be for individuals or communities as larger groups. For instance, individuals with religious faith tend to be healthier and happier than other individuals. Which is obviously the scandal of hope and nourishment of mind. Spirituality and faith has that form of deep connection and community avail. People gather at least once a week on either a church or mosque to practice religion and benefit their souls, which leads to social interactions and community
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