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The Shabbat begins with the scene of what seems to be the Satrapi family entertaining a couple over for coffee. The discussion of war sparks the group’s interest as they began to question the credibility to the latest scare on Iraq’s “ballistic missiles” conspired to be aimed to reach targets thousands of miles away. Marjane then adds the honest pit fall of all Iranians, “we’re all Olympic champions when it comes to gossip,” and they too laugh at the possibility of such a country having access, let alone use of such innovative weapons. However, to their surprise the missiles, also referred to as scuds arrived to their hometown. Quickly the family convenes in disperse as the roaring sirens alarming the city of the unbelievable reality. Many people of the town flee for concrete reinforced structures, some to their basements but not for the Satrapi family; Marjane’s father explains that there’s no place high, nor low enough to make a difference this time. Here the reader is introduced to the family’s neighbors, the Baba-Levy’s, who were one of the few remaining Jewish families still l...

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