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Slavery is something that had always been around before the early eighteen hundreds. It was common in many cultures to see slavery being in use. America, a fairly new country, also had the use of slaves for practically its whole life. It is obvious that present day slavery is no longer part of society, but there were many steps taken to get there. One huge step for America abolishing slavery was when, in 1808, Congress outlawed international slave trade. Congress outlawing the import of new slaves caused the prohibition of international slave trade and made the US closer to abolishing slavery altogether, however slavery was still legal.
Congress passed an Act outlawing the trade of slaves internationally to America. This Act prohibited the slave trade across international waters. This lowered the rising number of slaves that were in America at the time. It meant that the only way an America citizen could obtain a new slave would have to be within the country of America. It didn’t yet mean that slavery was abolished, but it helped to decrease the growing numbers. This Act also slowed money flow foreign slave traders received from America. This could lead to helping economy within America. It took the money flow other countries were gaining from America’s need for slaves and put it within the US.
Preventing slave importation got the United States a little bit closer to abolishing slavery altogether. This Act was a positive step in US abolition. The amount of slaves in the US was decreasing, not increasing. This shows America was moving towards a different lifestyle, without the need of slaves. As there was no import slave owners had to wait for their slaves to naturally increase their number. A child born into slavery then became a...

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...t would lead America to abolish slavery, which would cause conflict between the Northern and Southern states. This was a huge contributing factor to the start of the Civil War, but was a necessary step to take in order to abolish slavery.

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