Non-Rewarding Efforts of Gun Control

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Why is it that the people who have never used a gun or know how to are the ones trying to explain them and are making the rules about gun control? The reason behind this is that the people making the laws do not think that the laws also apply to themselves, just everyone else. Although many people have never held or operated a firearm, many citizens only see guns as dangerous, bad or worthless; however, they are, in fact, very useful, protective, and extremely valuable. These false views of firearms have formed due to violent crimes committed with firearms. Despite the efforts to prevent gun violence by changing laws about the type of weapons we can carry, magazine capacity, and where we can carry guns; people are still using guns for violent crimes.
First of all, does the government really think that changing gun laws will actually prevent people from using them in crimes? Many politicians believe this but they are completely wrong when it comes to this. People that use firearms in a crime do not acquire the guns legally anyways; it is the law abiding citizen that cannot get guns or ammunition to protect their family because of prices or law changes. Bieler stated that “Criminals will always get guns." Dan Noyes stated "Let's be honest. If someone wants a gun, it's obvious the person will not have difficulty buying a gun, either legally or through the extensive United States black market.” Dan Also stated " the report states. Responding to a question of how they obtained their most recent handgun, the arrestees answered as follows: 56% said they paid cash; 15% said it was a gift; 10% said they borrowed it; 8% said they traded for it; while 5% only said that they stole it” (Noyes) The recent gun violence has more than doub...

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...l thought out ideas or concerns.

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