Non-Profit Change: Creating a Sustainable Bridge between Economic Barriers

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Smirks and whispers reverberated throughout the hallway as an innocent, young child tries to communicate with another student in aid to find the correct destination. “Uh, Mrs. Wimler room?” asks the child. By instinct, the questioned student merely responds with a smirk and walks away. The helpless child stares in confusion as the other student gives no sympathy of the child’s inability to speak fluently in English. Similarly, at a young age, I was confronted with an alike situation. Not having the ability to fluently communicate with other classmates was one of the most difficult challenges that I have learned to overcome. As little as this may seem, various students of all ethnicities are too frequently misjudged by their minute disadvantages; language differences, lack of communication skills and relationships with adults, etc.; these often seem like the decision-making factors that play a role in continuing students to be at-risk within the school system. Hence, the challenge is to alleviate the problem in which students’ personalities are at risk because they do not have an engaging school or community setting with sustainable relationships amid the faculty. Obviously, one of the breaks of the educational structure in the United States is that connections with teachers and instructors, chiefly in secondary schools, may be considerate, yet the relationships that they have with their students may not have a maintainable method that is enduring. However, at-risk youth need relationships that are both considerate and unwavering. They need to build a sense of trust and have the time to share the intricacy, frustrations, and encouraging features of their lives both in and out of school. This can only be done after establishing a strong relational base will an adult, as adults are a source of lasting and precious assistance to a learner. Accordingly, students will not

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