Non-Governmental Organizations In Africa

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Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were created to help the citizens of Africa become independent, and bale to succeed on their own. Instead, non-governmental organizations have prevented the citizens of Africa from making progress because they want to keep receiving aid for their own benefits. In some cases, non governmental organizations have made conditions worse. Non-governmental organizations need to make reforms in order to get back on track, or the citizens in Africa will face a very long struggle before becoming independent. Non-governmental organizations decided to go to Africa because of the many struggles it faces. Africa is a very poor continent, and with so many different groups not wanting to unify, many areas of the country are constantly at battle with one another. The non-governmental organizations should be receiving aid from many generous donors, and helping the citizens of Africa learn what to do with the money so that they can become an independent nation. Rather than helping the citizens of Africa, the NGOs are misguiding them by having them spend the money on materials not needed. They are also keeping some of the aid that is supposed to go to the citizens of Africa for themselves. As a result of these actions, Africa still remains a non-unified continent, with many political, social, and economical problems. Not only are the citizens of Africa being affected by the poor decisions made by the non-governmental organizations, but the countries and donors are being affected as well. The donors believe that their money is being used to purchase materials and goods necessary for the development of a stable continent. The donors believe that their money is really helping because the NGOs will only report back t...

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...ernmental organizations are fixing what does not need to be fixed. Meetings should be held with representatives of the citizens and representatives of the non-governmental organizations. However, the citizens and non-governmental organizations are not the only ones who need to become more involved. Donors need to check in regularly with how their money is being spent, and a representative should be sent to Africa to see if the non-governmental organizations are using their money how they said they were. If the donors decide to become more involved, it will help the citizens of Africa because non-governmental organizations will have to spend all of their money towards the citizens in need rather than using some for their own benefits. Non-governmental organizations need to allow for feedback from the citizens and donors. With the feedback, they can figure out what
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