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A nocturne is typically a form of musical composition inspired by the experience or concepts related to the night. Numerous famous artists have composed works under the guise of a nocturne. In the play, however, our protagonist has written a book entitled nocturne and the play itself bears the title. Night can represent darkness, loneliness, absence of day, reflection, and quiet. Each of these contributes to the mood and themes of the play, where we witness a recounting of tragic events and the emotional darkness that the actor travels through.
The play can range from one to five actors or characters, but our version employed two. The main character and his sister. A assume the additional three might by other family members. By limiting the roles to two, the director promotes simplicity and focuses the audience on the brother and sister, primarily the brother. Five characters may distract the audience and certainly take away from the concentration on the brother and his emotional journey. Including the sister does not steal from his power but actually contributes to it by creating su...
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