Nobility Weakness In Othello

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Shakespeare’s play, Othello, tells the story of jealousy ruining a noble man’s life. Throughout the play, Iago fools Othello with multiple deceptions that eventually force Othello to think that his lover and wife Desdemona is cheating on him with another. The play exposes the downfall of Othello in stages of overwhelming rage and jealousy, he loses sanity in his own judgements and places virtually all of his faith in others. Instances of Othello’s nobility transformation can be represented in acts 1, 3, 5.

Act 1, Othello, Othello is portrayed as a strong, loyal and noble leader in the first act after he proves himself to Brabantio that he is more than just a “black bull” savage and that he is a very well build together man with a noble heart
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Othello slowly began to lose his sense of calmness that he usually portrays. He stopped to analyse the circumstances for himself and started to feed off others input, Iago took advantage of this weakness in Othello to plant the seed of jealousy. At first Othello doesn’t accept the fact his wife could be traitorous and assures himself that Desdemona would not cheat on him. Except Iago again attempt’s to remind that she had deceived her father to be with Othello so why would she be so loyal not to deceive him. Othello eventually accepts Iago’s proposition, Othello has no rebuttal to the idea that his wife is dishonest and his love for her quickly turns to hatred. “She’s gone. I am abused; and my relief must be to loathe her.” Othello’s love for Desdemona is 2 sided with one side being love and the other side being complete hate. Othello’s nobility is crushed in act 3 as it shows us a weak non-elegant Othello that was portrayed at the start of the novel, the idea that Desdemona is cheating rips society’s ideology out of his mind and he no longer care for his…show more content…
Othello was convinced he was acting nobly when he was committing his actions even though he was not being a noble character. Othello’s character embodies having a strong sense of nobility and dignity throughout the play. As Iago deceives Othello he loses his nobility contributing to his downfall. Othello’s reaction to murdering his wife is when he realises that he is at a very low point, and almost can’t escape to reality anymore. ‘My parts, my title, and my perfect soul shall manifest me rightly.’ The quote used to brand Othello to his word is quickly seen as ego instead of elegant talk. Learning that Iago was lying this whole time is when Othello quickly overwhelms with grief and has to kill himself to re-establish himself with is nobility and have a noble
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