Noah's Representation Of Charisms Analysis

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Noah's Representation of the Charisms What is a Charism? "Charisms are special gifts of the Holy Spirit that characterize an individual or group and that are used to contribute to the common good and glorify God in the church and world" (Cook 1). Scripture refers to Charisms so many times throughout the Bible. According to St. Paul, there happens to be a variety of spiritual gifts that every person receives in order to help construct "God's Kingdom". Charisms are related to our school because our school's character is different compared to any other school. The Charisms here are Loving, Courageous, Sacrificial, Joyful, Wise, and Humble. These Charisms give Notre Dame Prep its character because students at NDP have all of the Charisms as…show more content…
This quote is short, but it delivers a powerful theme. The quote shows how at peace Noah was with performing the task, despite people thinking that he was acting crazy. It is not easy to build an ark, but Noah's love for The Lord is what got him through the harsh time. Since God threw a flood on the world and chose Noah and his family to start the human race over again, God had a reason to select him. That reason probably was Noah's love towards God. " The Lord then said to Noah, "Go into the ark, you and your whole family, because I have found you righteous in this generation.'" ( Genesis 7:1 ) Another example is, “Out of love God gives Noah, a good and righteous man, instructions on how to build an ark that will save him and his family. ” ( St. Mary's Press 106 ) God obviously states that he trusts Noah. What Noah teaches me is that not everyone will love you, and you will not love everyone. People that love you and the people you love will have a huge impact on your life. When you love somebody, you will do things normal people would not do for them, and in return you will get the same. Noah loved God, and he set a standard for what the character Loving

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