Noah and the Great Flood

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The Great Flood was “the covering of the earth with water that occurred during the time of Noah (The Freed Dictionary).” “ In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, on the seventeenth day of the second month- on that day all the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened (Genesis 7:11).” The Great Flood had major effects on the earth as we know it today. It caused the climate to change, which lead to the Ice Age and the most drastic change was to the land. The Great Flood changed the climate causing the Ice Age to develop. The Ice Age caused many problems, but the biggest effect was the animals dying off. The weather changed so suddenly during it a lot of animals just froze to death. Several species of creatures died out, including mammoths. There was a body of a mammoth found in the Artic that had its blood and everything preserved, due to the cold. The mammoth was found “in good preservation on Lyakhovsky Islands of Novosibirsk archipelago (Fox News).” Many mammoths may have survived a big longer than the one they found on the Islands, but after the Ice Age they were gone. The mammoths all disappeared, because of the Ice Age. Even if people hunted the mammoths it still was due to the cold weather the Ice Age brought about. The cold weather would have made food hard to find so humans had to get whatever they could even if it was a mammoth. A lot of plants died also, because of the really cold weather. “Research has shown that plant diversity in South East Australia was as rich as some of the most diverse places in the world, and that most of these species went extinct during the ice ages… (Scott-Melbourne, Rebecca).” The study showed that the plants that died out possibly couldn’t stand ... ... middle of paper ... .... 2013. McKie, Rob. "When Antarctica Was a Tropical Paradise." The Guardian. N.p., 16 Sept. 2011. Web. 13 Nov. 2013. Nevins, Stuart E., M.S. "Continental Drift, Plate Tectonics, and the Bible." Continental Drift, Plate Tectonics, and the Bible. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Nov. 2013. The NIV Rainbow Study Bible: Holy Bible, New International Version. Cincinnati, OH: Standard Pub., 2007. Print. "Ocean." NOAA. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Nov. 2013. "Pangea (supercontinent)." Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Encyclopedia Britannica, n.d. Web. 13 Nov. 2013. Scott-Melbourne, Rebecca. "Science & Technology." Futurity. University of Melbourne, 13 Feb. 2013. Web. 07 Nov. 2013. Shepherd, Roy. "What Is Chalk?" DISCOVERING FOSSILS. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Nov. 2013. "Wooly Mammoth Blood Recovered from Frozen Carcass, Russian Scientists Say." Fox News. FOX News Network, 29 May 2013. Web. 13 Nov. 2013.

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