No Way Out

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Ahmose stretched as much as he possibly could in the cramped corner of the embalming pyramid of Egypt. The air was thick and space was limited as he worked on removing King Tutankhamun’s organs. Ahmose began the first step of the embalming process, which was taking the liver, lungs, and stomach out of the body. Ahmose removed the intestines and cleaned them and gently set them in the appropriate jar. Ahmose was up to something wicked. Ahmose was a poor man, but he figured out a way to lead himself to riches and soon he would be dripping in gold. Ahmose created an immoral plan. He would steal the jewels King Tutankhamun was arranged to be buried with. Ahmose knew it would not be easy, but possible. He would simply replace the real jewels with artificial jewels. Ahmose was trusted with the burial ritual of King Tutankhamun, he could easily get away with this unthinkable deed, if he was careful enough. Ahmose knew what would happen if he got caught, and it would not be good. Ahmose kept the thought of the brutal death he would face if he was caught, in the back of his mind. Ahmose gat...

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