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The piece of writing I chose to evaluate is titled Commonsense Drug Policy which is an essay by Ethan A. Nadelmann. The thesis of this article states that the United States should change our country’s drug policy to a harm-reduction approach rather than a prohibitionist approach, because the drug policy of the United States of America, dubbed the “War on Drugs,” has not worked. Not only is our drug policy ineffective, it is actually damaging to our society, because our war on drugs costs an enormous amount of (taxpayer) money, it overuses incarceration, and does not help the target population—drug addicts. He goes on to state that we would do well to look at the drug policies that other countries have found successful in the management of illegal drugs and drug addicts, because many countries are realizing successes in lessening the impact of drug use on the user, the community and the nation by using harm-reduction techniques. Ten Reasons 1. Our current drug policy has failed. 2. Not only has our policy failed, the war on drugs is detrimental to American society due to high costs, overpopulated jails and prisons, and the misery and suffering experienced by and caused by addicts. 3. Prohibition can never work because substance use cannot be eradicated. 4. Other countries, with concerned citizens who have values just like ours, are succeeding with alternative strategies. 5. Giving doctors discretion to provide prescriptions for drugs for addicts has been successful in several countries. 6. Other countries have better policies as shown by positive results of their harm-reduction approaches. 7. There has been success where cannabis, marijuana and hashish, has been decriminalized. 8. Prohibitionist policies create crime and misery. ... ... middle of paper ... ...d some recriminalized it. Much of Western Europe, Spain, several states in Germany, and several parts of Australia are heading towards decriminalization of cannabis. The Netherlands have removed cannabis from the hard drug classification and marijuana and hashish can be bought legally. The Dutch have instituted “coffeeshops” where cannibis can be bought and consumed. When cannabis is made available in a country, it has been found that this has not led to a significant increase in use, which has been a concern to proponents of complete prohibition. WILL IT WORK? According to the author, the U.S. government has acted against harm-reduction by: blocking resolutions; suppressing scientific studies that contradict current policy; and silencing critics of official drug policy. Meanwhile the Europe & EU has instituted public debate regarding setting drug policy.

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